Microblading - £289

For those who aren’t naturally gifted with thick, full eyebrows microblading/ BD Brows / Perfect brows is a service that can help.

Arched, feathered, straight or bold eyebrows are arguable the most important facial feature. If you are not satisfied with the ones you have there are so many ways to update them, including threading; waxing, tinting, HD and even tattooing but… Now there’s a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results. We would like to introduce you to microblading.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo that involves using tiny needles (instead of a tattoo gun) that make up a small blade to help deposit pigment under your skin; mimicking the strokes giving the effects of real hairs. The process takes around two hours to complete.

Avoid using exfoliators 72 hours before treatment, any skincare products containing glycolic acid, retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, since they may inflame the skin and taking medications such as blood thinners.

Pregnant, breastfeeding and diabetic clients should avoid the procedure altogether.

What to expect / process Brow technician map out your brows (about 1hour)

Customise your brow shape based on the clients face shape and structure. Please communicate with your brow tech to get your desired fullness, Check shape and explain how and why their shape is being made. Numbing eyebrows (10-15 minutes)

You should keep in mind microblading is a two-step process and it is not permanent. You shouldn’t expect to see full results after only one treatment.


After care

The pros, follow up with one month after your 1-hour appointment.  Healing process is different for everyone. May take between 25-30 days. Avoid using skin care products and make up for a minimum of 10 days following treatment. Picking, peeling and scratching of the area should be avoided at all costs. (Expect when rinsing and applying the post-care cream. Avoid tanning, direct sunlight, swimming, increased sweating and exercise for up to 10 days. Apply sunscreen on brows before heading out in the sun to prevent fading.

Things to take into consideration

Different skin types factor into results

Excessively oily skin, larger pores, thicker skin and eyebrow keratosis can affect the absorption of the pigment.

Perfect U-Brow definition £28

Patch test needed 24hours before and if longer than 6 months repeat patch test is needed

Preparation and assessment







Designed for over-plucked and thin eyebrows BD focuses on shape and design involving the above 7 techniques.

Threading/ Waxing Brows £10

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique, practiced for centuries among the most beautiful women of Asia and the Middle East. It is the alternate to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin.

Treading allows control when shaping brows to ensure perfectly sculped eyebrows. A cotton thread is used to glide across the skin, removing excess hair while it does so, leaving a cleaner finish with longer lasting results.

We offer a range of threating services from brows, upper lip, chin and face.

Eyelash/ Eyebrow Tinting £18

*Patch test needed 24 hours prior*

Producing a similar effect to mascara, it visibly lengthens, darkens and thickens the appearance of eyelashes without smudging.

The eyelash tint is a form of hair dye developed for specific use on the eyelashes.

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday and want to enjoy swimming and water sports without worrying about panda eyes or if you’re simply curious to see the enchanting effects of darker lashes, then eyelash tinting could be the beauty treatment for you.


Russian Cluster Lashes £65

Cluster Lashes £45

Individual Lashes £55

Lash Infills from £18

Massage & Holistic Treatments Massage

Our massages are customised to manage pain, improve circulation or aid the process of injury. However, you may just want to pamper yourself or relieve stress and tension.

Physiological or mental benefits may be called “therapeutic” with each treatment providing different benefits for you. I.e. head massage, hot stones and deep tissue massage provide different benefits.

Hot stone massage

Involves placing heated, smooth stones on key points of your body. The heat of the stones warms and relaxes muscles and improves circulation while calming the nervous system.

Indian Head massage

An ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation used to relive tension and stress. Using a variety of different movements and pressure on the neck, shoulders and head. This technique helps improve circulation relieve stress, tiredness and headaches, leaving you feeling deeply calm.

Reflexology and foot massage

Believed that reflexology can be used to help restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. Involves applying pressure to certain points of the foot that correspond to organs and systems within the body leaving you in a relaxed state of mind.

Neck, shoulder and back massage

A popular massage to relax and wind down after a hard day or as a midday decision can be performed fully clothes, seated or with oils.

Deep tissue massage

Reliving aches and tensions that cannot be solved by a classic Swedish message. Pressure is stronger and concentrated on the problematic area which might lead to a little bit of discomfort. It is worth it through as it helps alleviate the pain in the long term.

Swedish Neck, Back & Shoulder massage £29

Hot Stones Neck, Back & Shoulder massage £40

Deep tissue Neck, Back & Shoulder massage £30

Swedish full body massage £40

Deep tissue full body £40

Aromatherapy massage £45

Hot Stones full body massage £55

Reflexology £35

Indian Head massage £30

Pregnancy massage £40

Hopi ear candle £25

Facial Treatments

Express Facial £25

Luxury Facial £40

Electrical Facial £45

Microdermabrasion £45

Deep Cleansing Facial £35

Make-up and Tanning

Party Make-up from £25

Bridal Make-up from £120

Full Body Spray Tan £15


Upper Lip Wax £8

Bikini Wax £15

Brazilian Wax £25

Hollywood Wax £25

Underarm Wax £10

Half Arm Wax £10

Full Arm Wax £15

Half Leg Wax £15

Full Leg Wax £20

Nail Treatments

Manicure £20

Luxury Manicure £25

Pedicure £20

Luxury Pedicure £30

(Gel polish included in Manicures & Pedicures)

File & Polish Toes £15

Gel Polish on Fingers or Toes £15

Gel Nail Extensions £30

Gel Nail Extensions infills £20

And its not just for ladies! Guys we offer a range of body waxing treatments of your choice.

Mens Grooming - Face & Body Waxing

Gentle and thorough waxing treatment from one of our experienced and high skilled waxing specialist. Perfect U offer a range of waxing treatments from eyebrows, legs ad intimate areas.

Full Back £20

Full Back & Shoulders £25

Chest & Stomach £30

Chest £15

Half Arms £15

Full Arms including Hands £25

Underarms £10

Full Legs £35

Half Legs £18

Buttocks £15

Crack £12

Buttocks & Crack £25

Eyebrow £12

De-Stress Facial Treatment

Customised Luxury facial, combining massage to the face, neck and shoulders (45 minutes) £30

For Men on the go Cleansing Facial

Deep cleansing and exfoliation for daily on the go men that have a busy life style (20 minutes) £20

Mens Luxury Manicure

Clean and tidy nails along with a customised massage helping blood circulation and relieving tired hands (45 minutes) £40

Mens Luxury Pedicure

Clean and tidy nails, targeting dry and hard skin along with a customised leg and foot massage (60 minutes) £55


Body Treatments

Body skin is all too often overlooked when it comes to the daily beauty regime. Some us of simply don’t have time for all that scrubbing, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising. When we have work to do and families to look after, time can be precious.

Unfortunately, neglected skin often means dry, unhealthy, dull looking skin which in turn can lead to premature wrinkles, excess grease, trapped bacteria and spots. Plus, it’s pretty hard to feel attractive and confident when you know you’re harbouring three months’ worth of dead skin and excess body hair underneath those opaque tights.

So, the answer to all your body skin woes?

Book yourself in for a revitalising body treatment every few weeks or so with one of our beauty professionals who know what they’re doing!

Not only do we have access to all the best smelling, most effective products ad techniques. All you have to do is lie there and relax!

So, keep your skin preened and pampered on a regular basis at only a fraction of the time and effort.

Body wrap/ Infrared body wrap from £40

Infrared sauna treatment

Infrared Radiant Heat (IRH) is completely safe form of naturally occurring energy that is part of the light spectrum of sunlight minus the skin damaging UV. This type of energy travels 2-3” deep into the body to increase circulation and nourish damage tissue.

When IRH penetrates the skin to the subcutaneous tissues it transforms light energy to heat energy. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues stimulates blood vessels to dilate, promoting better blood circulation and helps the body eliminate toxin and metabolic wastes through sweating.

The temporary rise in your core body temperature may have the following effects:

Improve circulation

Kill subclinical levels of microbes

Enhance chemical / heavy metal detoxification

Improve overall physical fitness

Promote weight loss

Improve muscles, skin and body tone (body shaping / contouring)

Kill “abnormal” cell growth

Burn calories and reduce inches

Strengthens the immune system

Increase energy and purify the body

Benefits of Infrared sauna

~ Reduces stress and fatigue ~

The soothing warmth of the solo sauna will relax and loosen your tight sore muscles. Radiant heat therapy also relieves the stiffness, aches and soreness associated with aging. Some say its better than having a personal massage.

~Strengthening the cardiovascular system ~

The heat pumps blood at a greater rate, giving you the same benefits as a cardiovascular workout. Heart rate, cardiac output and blood pressure drops, resulting in improved physical fitness.

~ Removing toxins ~

The process of perspiration is natures way of detoxifying the body of waste materials accumulated in your daily life, stimulating a natural process at comfortable, low temperatures. Through deep penetration of fat cells, radiant heat therapy may help clear away cellulite.

~Reliving pain~

Radiant heat expends and dilates peripheral blood vessels. This action brings relief to muscles and soft tissue injuries. In addition, increased blood circulation delivers oxygen rich blood to injured muscles, which helps to speed up the body’s natural recovery process.

IRH may also help reduce the pain of arthritis, back pain, muscles spasms, headache etc.

 Body Wraps

A pleasant treatment which involves applying a mask all over the body, applying a mask all over the body before cocooning from the shoulders to the ankles in some form of warm, insulating material designed to raise the body’s temperature.

The extra heat opens up the pores and boots circulation to aid the absorption of the masks active ingredients into the skin.

Body wrap treatments:

Detoxified skin

Inch loss

Time to relax

A feeling of revitalisation

Taunt youthful skin

To soothe tired muscles

Algae wraps (nourishes and detoxifies)

Chocolate wrap (anti-ageing properties and tones)

Clay wrap (detoxifies, cleanses and firms)

Mud wrap (detoxifies, cleanses and firms)

Oil wrap (nourishes and moisturises)

Paraffin wrap (moisture and reduces muscle aches)

Seaweed wrap (hydrates and firms)

Body scrub

-AKA body polish, body glow and

exfoliation from £45

An all over body exfoliation is a gritty lotion designed to get ride of dead skin cells that could clog up pores and causes spots and excess grease.

Our body scrubs are pre-blended and custom blended specially for the individual. (Salt, sand, sugar, coffee beans, seeds.)

Not recommended if you have any of the following:



Contagious skin conditions


Nail extensions & nail art

Gel / Acrylic

Nail extensions and overlays are a good way to add strength and length to your natural nails.

False nails come in two types; extensions and overly, which you chose depended on whether you want additional length or strengthening and long-lasting colour.

Extensions – Also know as tops are made from light weight plastic, cut to the shape of your desired nail. Glued on to you own nails then overlaid with acrylic or gel to secure and finish.

Overlays – This process skip the extension step, gel or acrylic is applied directly onto your nails and shaped by hand before buffing to create a glossy effect.

*FYI – Gel aren’t as long lasting, they are strong, more flexible and odourless, also causing less damage to your natural nails.


Professional Make Up

Party Make-up

Bridal Make-up

Prom Make-up

Professional make over

Make-up tips

Our fully qualified make-up artist only use the most prestigious products including Ash cosmetics and MAC.

Bridal makeup including trail                                                                                                   £120 (from)

Treat yourself and be pampered on your special day. Specially selected make up for the natural or glamorous brides. We can also provide make up for your bridesmaids and mother of the bride.

Prom make-up                                                                                                                             £35 (from)

Treat your extra special girl to a make over on her prom night and make her look spectacular. Special packages also available for group bookings.

Day / Evening makeup                                                                                                                  £30 (from)

Treat yourself to a professional makeover on your special day or night.



Express facial - £20

For girlies in a hurry. Cleanse, tone, masque and moisturise (30 minutes)

Silver - £25

Includes a free hand, arm or foot or head message

Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, message using oils, mask and moisturise (approx. 45 minutes)

Gold - £46

All of the above including neck and shoulder massage and steam treatment

Winter rescue facial


Relax and unwind before the Christmas rush and get your skin ready for the parties!

available on request